Jean Lumb Awards – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I send my application?
You can only apply online. Do not send your application by email.


2. If I am applying for more than one awards category, do I need to have separate references for each category?
You need to submit an application for each award category. For example, if you apply for two categories, say in Academics and Community Services, you will need a complete application package for each: one for Academics and one for Community Services.

For the references, you must have two references, at least one from a staff member at your school, for each award category. Using the scenario of applying for Academics and Community Services, you need two references that are specific for Academics and two references that are specific for Community Services. Do not use the same references for both award applications.


3. Is there a limit as to how many students can apply from one high school?
There is no limit. We often have several applicants from one high school.


4. Can high school students from any grade apply or do you have to be in your last year?
Students, from grades 9 to 12, can apply. We have had award winners who were in grade 9.


5. How will I know if I have won one of the Jean Lumb Awards?
All the winners will be contacted by August 31.  


6. If I don’t win the Jean Lumb Award, can I re-apply next year?
Yes, as long as you are still in high school. 


7. If I win the Jean Lumb Award, can I apply next year?
No. Applicants cannot be a past award winner. 


8. I want to include a list of my awards and leadership positions. Where do I send this list?
Include this information in your resume.


9. Are Visa or International students eligible to apply?
Applicants must be of Chinese heritage and Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Visa or international students are not eligible to apply.


10. When accessing the Application / Reference Form, I see: ‘This form is no longer accepting responses’, but the application period is still open. Why is this happening?
When accessing the Application / Reference form, we recommend using a personal Gmail address rather than a school board-issued email address. Some users have experienced problems accessing the form due to security features on school board or institutional email addresses that restrict access to the form.


11. Can I send attachments, like transcripts and report cards, after the application deadline?
We cannot accept any documents after the application deadline.


12. Should the transcript include my marks from all four years of my high school?
We only need your most recent year.


13. Does the transcript have to be an official one?
It does not have to be the final and official one. Your most recent transcript or report card is sufficient.


14. I am applying for the Arts Award. Is there a limit to the amount of work/pieces to include?
There is no limit.