The Jean Lumb Foundation is always in search of volunteers to improve, innovate and support the organization in areas such as

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Innovation
  • Jean Lumb Awards event hosting

Come learn and grow with us!  Please reach out to us at info@jeanlumbfoundation.ca with your skills and interests.

President:Arlene Chan
Treasurer/Secretary:Stephen Wong
Director:Greg Wong
Planning Committee:Arlene Chan, Leslie Chan, Tak Chen, Olivia Rofael (2004), Sarina Lee (2002), Kendra Lumb, Jennie Norman, Judy Tran (2007), Greg Wong, Sandra Wong, Stephen Wong, Andrew Yeung (1999), Douglas Chen
Judging Coordinator:Jennie Norman
Judging Panel:Dr. Michael Dang, Board of Directors,
Multicultural History Society of Ontario
John Au
Principal, Central Etobicoke High School
Derek Chen
Superintendent of Equity, Indigenous Education and Community Relations, Toronto Catholic District School Board
Ms. Sandra Li
Vice-Principal, Toronto District School Board
Event Coordinator:Natalie Kam (2002)
Event Photographer:Joseph Lam
Event Volunteers:Donna Chandler; Saskia Willaert; Lukas Willaert; Jeanet Wong
Event Video:Jeanet Wong
Website:Andrew Yeung (1999)
Award Alumnae Coordinator:Judy Tran (2007)