The 9th Annual Jean Lumb Award Winners, 2006

Jane Chui

Loretto Abbey C.S.S.
University of Toronto Academic Award

Jane is an all-round student whose interests and scholastic achievements span a diverse range. However, as the top student in her grade throughout high school, her passion for mathematics and sciences is evident in her score of 98th percentile for the Waterloo Avogadro Chemistry Exam, Silver Award for the Hypatia Waterloo Math contest, bronze medal for the Fryer math contest, first place for the University of Toronto National Biology Competition, highest score for the University of Waterloo Euclid Math Contest, and first place in the University of Toronto Space Design Contest.

Jane is currently enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Iain Lew Kee

Malvern C.I.
Murphy & Chung Chartered Accountants Athletic Award

Malvern C.I.’s Athlete of the Year and honour roll student has been on a winning streak since elementary school. Although she excelled at many sports, including basketball, track and field, lacrosse and Nordic skiing, her forte is competitive and synchronized swimming and tennis. Iain wins in every swimming event she enters, collecting 30 swimming medals, 16 of them gold. She has been voted her team’s MVP for four years. Her legacy is the girls’ tennis team that she started up, coached and lead as team captain to the semi-finals. Her athletic prowess and all-round achievements have been profiled in the Toronto Star and the Beaches community newspaper.

Iain is currently studying animation at Sheridan College.

Curtis Wang

Upper Canada College
Kotcheff Family Arts Award

From an early age, Curtis expressed his love of the arts through the piano. “DJ Wang” has since broadened this passion to break dancing, producing electronic dance music, cartooning, digital design, video jockeying, writing, editing the school newspaper and yearbook, mentoring inner-city children in the arts, and, performing at and organizing charity events. Among his accomplishments are the Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award and the Stephen Leacock Prize for Creative Writing. Music has resulted in his winning the Adelmo Melecci Scholarship for Outstanding Musician, first place in the Kiwanis Chopin’s Major Works category, and second place in the Kiwanis Contemporary Works category.

Curtis is currently studying Life Sciences at the University of Toronto.

Pamela Lam

Middlefield C.I.
Toronto Mandarin Lions Club Community Services Award

A love of working with people is evident in Pamela’s activities, inside and outside of school. She has been a tutor for children in English and Math, leader at the Healthy Youth Performance Education Conference, founder of the Helping Hands Organization, volunteer at Markham Stouffville Hospital and an inner city shelter, and member of the Canadian Youth Breast Cancer Foundation and Amnesty International. In addition to being on the Student and Athletic Councils and on the Honour Roll, she organized a walk-a-thon for the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope and coordinated events that promoted volunteerism among students. Her leadership in fundraising, volunteer and youth initiatives resulted in her being selected to represent her school in the Markham Youth Leadership Program.

Pamela is currently enrolled at the University of Toronto.