The 12th Annual Jean Lumb Award Winners, 2009

Eric Yam

Northern Secondary School
University of Toronto Scarborough Academics Award

An accomplished math and physics student graduating with 93% and completing high school in three years, Eric won the grand prize in the NASA Space Settlement design contest for conceiving a space city like an idealized Toronto. As the prize recipient beating out 309 entries from 875 students around the world, he subsequently attended the International Space Development Conference in Florida. Environmental engineering, particularly in green technology, solar power and wind turbines, would fulfill his “passion for designing and engineering, and at the same time help benefit the Earth.” Recognized with many awards for excellence in academics, piano (grade 10), violin (grade 7), and community services, he hopes one day to work at the Canadian Space Agency.

Eric is studying mechatronics (mechanical and electronics) engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Vivian Poon

Glenforest Secondary School
Murphy & Chung Chartered Accountants Athletics Award

Vivian excels in ballet and piano (grade 10) but diversity of competitions and sportsmanship distinguishes her on land and in the water. She has advanced to the rank of black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Her golf swing garnered awards in the junior program while swimming added Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross awards from the Lifesaving Society by age 11. She is a member of the Ontario Elite Fencing Team for which she has been awarded the Quest for Gold Ontario funding card. Among her fencing achievements are gold, silver and bronze medals in national, provincial and local tournaments in epée and foil. Most recently, she won gold at the Canadian National Fencing Tournament in Saskatoon. One of Vivian’s goals is to represent Canada at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics.

Vivian is in Grade 10 at Glenforest Secondary School.

Gorick Ng

Marc Garneau C.I.
Lue Family Community Services Award

Serving as the youngest student trustee of the Toronto District School Board and president of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association, representing students on the Ministry of Education Youth Advisory Council, helping an unconscious patient, or feeding someone in need all make the balancing of school, family and extracurricular activities a challenge. Undeterred, Gorick’s commitment to his community extends to the Toronto Emergency Medical Services as Medical Venturer vice-president, Toronto East General Hospital as hospital volunteer, and the Ming Sing Tao Tak Temple as teaching assistant. Gorick recently spearheaded another of many initiatives, a student-driven campaign that raised $12,000 in three afternoons to feed hungry children. Gorick believes that “young people can and do make a difference.” Among his numerous awards are Tomorrow25 (25 student leaders of tomorrow from around the world) and finalist for the Top 20 Under 20 (20 leaders of tomorrow under the age of 20 from across Canada).

Gorick is in his final year at Marc Garneau Collegiate.

Polly Auyeung

University of Toronto Schools
Kotcheff Family Arts Award

Since holding her first camera at age five, the arts have been at the core of Polly’s life. Completing Grade 10 piano and winning calligraphy competitions are only part of the picture. She achieved 98% in the visual arts program where she was the editor-in-chief of the yearbook, president of publicity, designer for school clothing, and creative leader initiating workshops on photography and graphic design. Described by her visual art teacher as one of the top students in her teaching career, Polly has created an impressive portfolio of fine art, design, and photography with an interdisciplinary perspective that links her academic and creative excellence. She has volunteered at the Art Gallery of Ontario where she received “Volunteer of the Month” and at the Design Exchange. She won the national High School Design Competition for architectural design and placed second in the DECA International Marketing Competition.

Polly is studying architecture at the University of Waterloo.