The Kwong Chow Restaurant

“Jean was a wonderful hostess at the restaurant. She was so bubbly, alive and gracious – she was all those things. In those days, the Kwong Chow was the best Cantonese restaurant in Toronto.”

Pierre Berton, author

Jean and Doyle decided to open a restaurant, rather than continue the grocery store. In 1959, they opened the restaurant in downtown Chinatown and called it Kwong Chow, named after a city in China – famous for its Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant was successful for many years and attracted well-known people over the years from prime ministers and politicians to movie stars and theatre people.

Excerpted from Spirit of the Dragon by Arlene Chan, published by Umbrella Press. Copyright © 1997 by Arlene Chan

Image Credit: Toronto Star Photograph Archive, Courtesy of Toronto Public Library