A country that does not remember its past has no future

“There’s an old expression: A country that does not remember its past has no future. We need to look to the past to move forward.

Chinese Canadians have added to the rich fabric of Canadian life in so many ways. Each wave of Chinese immigrants has been unique. The early immigrants were the most homogeneous in terms of language, origin from southern China, culture, and traditions. Since the Second World War, the face of Chinese immigrants has changed significantly. Depending on their country of origin, they bring with them a diversity of backgrounds in education, skills, financial well-being, and ethnicity. From artists and dancers to activists and military heroes, Chinese Canadians are proud to let everyone know about their contribution, then and now.”

Excerpted from The Chinese Community in Toronto: Then and Now by Arlene Chan, published by Dundurn Press. Copyright © 2013 by Arlene Chan

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