Our Donors

The Jean Lumb Foundation is very grateful for the generosity and ongoing support of our donors. We publicly acknowledge all donors unless a request for confidentiality is expressly received.

Commemorate a life event or honour someone who has passed on. This is a great way to show that you care while supporting the Jean Lumb Foundation. When you make a tribute gift in honour or in memory of a loved one, we will acknowledge your contribution and notify the honoree.

We also welcome naming opportunities for the Jean Lumb Awards.


Donor Acknowledgements
Anite Lo; Becky Hung; Charles & Linda Chan; Minde Chan; Hung Sun Family; Jim & Raija Rosenthal; Kathleen Munro; Harry & Susan Chong; Jack Lee; Jean Ling; Keith Lock; Mandarin Charitable Organization; Ray & Roberta Wong; Rogers Communications; Susan Crean; Victor & Helen Wong

In memory of the late Dorothy Lu:
Andrew & Shalene Yeung; Arlene & Leo Chan; Brigitte Ulrich-Carney; Charles & Joanne Kettle; David & Anna Gower; David & Louise Joiner; Deidree Davies; Ellen Lam; Erika Willaert; Esther Bobet; Gordon Lam; Greg & Barb Wong; Janet Lumb; Jean Ling; Joan Kearns; Joyanne Loughran; Judy Chang; Ken & Pauline Koch; Lorraine Kiely; Louie Lum; Lumb Family; Margaret Moores; Margaret Porter; Marisa DeLuca; Mary & Ed Lee; Nancy Wu Chan; Pam Collett; Pauline Tanner; Ray & Roberta Lau; Richard & Laurel Desrocher; Rita Duchak; Robert Wong & Angela, Karen, Timothy, & Samantha; Ron & Lily Yee; Sanford Lee; Sophia & Bob Wong; Stanley & Kim Wu; Stephen & May Lu; Susa Appleton; Todd Karges; Valerie Mah; Vince & Lilliana Alberico; Vincent & Betty Chan; Wayne & Margaret Louie; Yee Hin Wong; Carpenters’ Retiree Club 88

In memory of the late Yee Ming Wong:
Nancy Wu Chan; Stanley & Kim Wu; Lumb Family; Stephen Lu; Lu Family

In memory of the late Sonia Ennevor:
Lumb Family

In memory of the late Dr. Gordon Chong:
Lumb Family

In celebration of Gordon & Elaine Moores’ 40th Anniversary:
David & Anna Gower; Margaret Moores; Mucha Family; Ruby Moores

In celebration of Charlie & Erika MacNeil’s Marriage:
Gordon & Elaine Moores