Apply for the 2020 Jean Lumb Awards


Update: We want to acknowledge and recognize that this is a difficult time for our community and for students and their families. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jean Lumb Foundation will double the number of scholarships it will grant in 2020, so that more students will have a chance to follow their dreams. For this year, our Foundation will grant 15 students $1,000 each as part of the annual Jean Lumb Awards, double our previous years.

  1. There are seven awards categories, each valued at $1000.
  2. You may apply for more than one award category.
  3. A SEPARATE application is required for each award category.
  4. You have not received a Jean Lumb Award in the past.
  5. The Application Form must be submitted online.
  6. Supporting Documents:
    a. Resume (mandatory)
    b. Transcript of your courses and grades (mandatory) Update: Submission of a transcript of your courses and grades is now optional.
    c. Samples of art work, news articles, etc. (optional)
    d. Do not include copies of awards and plaques as these can be noted in your resume.
    e. Use iLovePDF to convert your transcript, resume, and all of your supporting documents to PDF. Merge your resume and all of your supporting documents into a single PDF file.
    f. When submitting your transcript, please include your name in the file name of the PDF (e.g., “FirstName_LastName_Transcript.pdf”).
    g. When submitting your resume and supporting documents, include your name and the award category name in the file name of the PDF (e.g., “FirstName_LastName_DignityOfLife.pdf”).
    h. We don’t accept non-PDF files, like videos and ZIP files. Do not send these as attachments. Links to non-PDF files can be provided in your resume.
  7. You must have a Gmail address to complete the Application Form.
  8. References:
    a. Two references are required to support your application. Update: Only one reference is required to support your application. A reference from a staff member at your school is preferred, but not required.
    b. At least one must be a staff member at your school.
    c. Have each of the two references complete the online Reference Form. Update: Have your reference complete the online Reference Form.
    d. If you apply for more than one award category, you must submit different references to show how you excel in each particular award category.
  9. You can edit your application package until the deadline of Monday, May 18, 2020, 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. Update: The deadline has been extended to Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM (Eastern Standard Time).
  10. If you have any questions, check the FAQs or email us at Do NOT mail any supporting documentation to this email address.

Online Application / Reference

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*When accessing the form, we recommend using a personal Gmail address rather than a school board-issued email address. Some users have experienced problems accessing the form due to security features on school board or institutional email addresses that restrict access to the form.