Questions & Answers

1. If I am applying for more than one awards category, do I need to have separate references for each category?

You need to submit an application for each category. For example, if you apply for two categories, say in Academics and Community Services, you will need a complete application package for each: one for Academics and one for Community Services.

For the references, it is highly recommended that you have separate ones for each category. Using the scenario of applying for Academics and Community Services, you should have two references that are specific for Academics and two references that are specific for Community Services. The level of competition is high. Having separate references for each category will strengthen your application.

2. Is there a limit as to how many students can apply from one high school?

There is no limit. We often have several applicants from one high school.

3. Can high school students from any grade apply or do you have to be in your last year?

Students from any grade can apply. We have had award winners who were in grade 9.

4. How will I know if I have won one of the Jean Lumb Awards?

All the winners will be contacted in September. The winners are officially announced at the annual awards reception.

5. If I win or don’t win the Jean Lumb Award, can I re-apply next year?

Yes. There are no limitations to the number of times you can apply.